Family Holidays to Malta
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Family Holidays to Malta

Tradition, culture, activities - fun!


Malta's history is as colourful as it can get. That's culture is one of the strongest features of this little island nation. It's not a surprise that culture and family holidays in Malta are ever so popular.

And where is the culture most-concentrated? In the capital city Valletta, of course!

Valletta is smallest capital in Europe. But Malta has the oldest temples on the globe. We have the largest churches in Christianity and the friendliest locals in the Med. Malta is a country of superlatives - and it’s only once you visit that you’ll truly understand what we mean by that.

As we’re writing this in 2018, Malta’s capital city of Valletta is enjoying a 6-month stint as the European Capital of Culture. But whether you’re reading this in 2018 or long after, the same fact remains: whenever you visit, you’re headed straight for a vibrant and never-ending stream of cultural events, performances, activities, attractions, feasts and celebrations that pop up around the islands every month of every year.




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